Antonio Fargas


Legendary Actor, Director, Producer, and Philanthropist

Antonio Fargas is one of the most distinguished and versatile actors in American history. Since his initiation into the world of film at the age of fourteen, his exceptional interpretive skills led to a role in Shirley Clark’s “Cool World”. Mr. Fargas’ quintessential style and charisma have amassed him a career spanning over fifty years in the television, film and stage industry.

Portraying his extraordinary talent and mystique, he has garnered a world- wide audience through his role as the incorrigible and loveable “Huggy Bear” in the 1970’s hit series “Starsky and Hutch”.

With his portrayal of outrageously comedic characters in Robert Downey’s “Putney Swope” and Keenan Ivory Wayan’s “I’m Gonna Git Your Sucker” or at the age of twenty two delivering a convincing portrayal of a ninety year old witch doctor in the Broadway stage production of “The Great White Hope’, it is easy to see why he has generated such high acclaim from some of the industry’s most respected critics. His list of acting accomplishments are too numerous to even list.

In 2005, Antonio made a decision to start semi -retirement by moving to Las Vegas. Although he keeps involved in the entertainment industry, he finally has the time to pursue his life long passion of contributing his time and talent to philanthropic causes as well as getting involved with making his community a better place to live.

His endless energy and his willingness to give back have him involved with working with the young people at the West Las Vegas Art Center, teaching for eight weeks every summer on a full time basis as well as continuing his involvement throughout the year.

In addition to mentoring others, Antonio is a member of the Las Vegas NAACP and the Las Vegas Chapter of the One Hundred Black Men of America.

His greatest satisfaction is the sharing of his life’s journey and the arts. He continually reminds our young people of the historical contributions of those whose shoulders they stand on!!