Mercedez ‘Cedez’ J. Land, 17 year old senior, student of Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield California. Mercedez is actively involved in many school activities such as Black Student Union, Drama club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Campus Life.Mercedez has a passion for performing in dancing, singing and acting on stage. The International Thespian Society honoring student achievement in theater, thespian troupe 5556 awarded her the honor of official thespian inductee and member for her meritorious participation in theatre art.

She performed in her first parade at the young age of 7 years old, peewee squad, in a local community traveling drill team and drum squad. As she continued to mature and educate herself, she later earned and became drill captain, while simultaneously creating and choreographing various styles of marching, drilling and saluting with male and females ages ranging from 3 – 22 years old. She also, as a self-taught drummer, assisted in creating and teaching drum beats for an entire drumline. Mercedez became co-owner of her own community drill team and drum squad, leading them into many victorious performances and talent competitions.

Mercedez passion drives her support for all creativity and expressions shown through singing, dancing, acting and all other aspects of passionate arts.